Stamps are probably the worst kind of kipple there is. (Walther F. Lake)

r.a. lafferty

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“I have a notion,” said the young female bear Dubu, “that the answer to all the hard questions are written on the inside of one single Acorn somewhere. This particular acorn, if placed in lye-water, will swell to a billion times its original size, and then it will burst open. And whole mountains-full of writing will come tumbling out of it. Then everyone can come and read it and enjoy it and know everything. The only difficulty is knowing which acorn in the world is the right one. I believe that there are clues pointing directly to the right acorn, but we do not notice them because they are so big and so plain and so close to our noses.” R. A. Lafferty, Serpent’s Egg (1987)

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