Stamps are probably the worst kind of kipple there is. (Walther F. Lake)

r.a. lafferty

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There was a chorus of cicadas about them and below. And Papapaleologus the donkey was chomping grass in the narrow glen beneath their feet. The moon lacked a week of being full, but the night was very bright. Here on top was nothing but rocks and gnarled old branches and stump trees. That is the way the top of the world always looks. But by Greek moon it was even stranger. Moonlight is different in Greece. As you know, it was the Greeks who invented the moon.

Anastasia sat on the blanket and could see the sea on all sides of the island. Finnegan lay with his head on her lap. Her legs were the color of moonlight and her head was like that of Diana.


Finnegan’s head was that of a gargoyle, but no matter. They also are noble, or at least they are fitting on a night like this.

(R. A. Lafferty, The Devil is Dead, 1971)

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